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Note: This English version of Shahar Ben-Porath’s interview differs slightly from the Hebrew version on Shahar’s published blog. The content is basically the same, although some questions and quoting of answers have been minimally changed.– DL

What brought you to write ET 101?

How I forced myself, with a little help from my friends, to complete a task I agreed to do before I came in here was a bit convoluted. At the time just prior to writing ET 101, I worked for a small, but very respectable and award-winning investigative journalism newspaper.

I approached my newspaper about doing a “New Age” supplement to the paper, like the Art Supplement and others they hosted from time to time. They balked. Basically they thought the “New Age” was bullshit. However, I soon demonstrated to them that they were the only people in town who thought that was so by creating a very lucrative and award-winning “New Age” supplement which economically put the paper in the black, earned them another first place plaque, and for which the town applauded them.

As a consequence of this successful production, I was asked to do a column on “New Age” topics, despite their now cloaked disdain. Accounting prevailed – what a surprise.

However, in the course of publishing the first supplement and its sequel, the Son of Supplement, I became a bit bored with the not-especially “New Age.” It was still dragging so many trappings from the “Old Age” that it was often indiscernible from what preceded it, except for one strange entry into my office – a couple of actual ET’s.

Because that event captured my interest more than health care, aura balancing and yoga did, that was the only topic I cared to cover in my column. How to approach the subject was the only problem.

I decided, in a moment of great genius, that there was a profound flaw in the perceptual bias of people, at least in my country. If you quoted from a book, whatever you quoted had instant credibility. So I harnessed the flaw, created the book, quoted from it profusely and did a book review. There – I successfully navigated the Swamp Gas and Weather Balloon crowd that dominated journalism and by-passed my Editor and Publisher as well. Brilliant!

Yeah. Not so much. I also corralled myself into writing and publishing the book, ET 101, which I made up, quoted and reviewed. I had to. I lied to the Publisher, stating it was soon to be published in the city in which we lived. I had no choice but to make it so, which I did.

I guess I am not as brilliant as I thought, but I sensed a presence surrounding me that definitely was.

Why is the book written in military language?

ET 101 is written in a military fashion because this world has practically not had a single day of peace since it was captured. This is a language with which the people here are most conversant, and it was the language used in this book for that very reason.

It is important to know that a much greater war wages outside the proliferation of wars in which everyone here lives. It is the ultimate war, and the only war. It is the war on consciousness, to which all other wars are simply a tool of division and a form of distraction.

For a world drenched in war at every level, military language seemed an appropriate manner to address a global population that was either hiding in foxholes or nested in bunkers.

Who is the force behind the information that appears in the book?

The force behind the creation of ET 101 is a group of multi-cultural and interdimensional beings who calls itself “Mission Control”, not because that is this group’s real name but as an attempt to blend with the consciousness of the beings on this planet. Besides, they found that choice amusing

As stated in ET 101 and in their own words, “Mission Control is the tactical arm of the extraterrestrial mission to Planet Earth. We implement the decisions of the stellar councils and act as an intermediary between the members of the mission who have opted for infantry duty on the planet’s surface and those who are serving the mission in any of its many off-planet divisions. “

I am a member of this force, serving in the capacity of a multi-dimensional linguistics expert, tasked with translating concepts from a non-verbal holographic language structure into simple, vernacular English. I am not certain I would call this “channeling” because it was actually much more like a heated debate.

When did you understand that you’re not from Earth? How was it for you to realize it?

I didn’t completely get that I was not from here until I wrote ET 101. After that moment of realization I then further realized I had always known this to be true. It was an oxymoron, as I awakened myself to another reality, another world, another identity that was always known and somehow forgotten.

In that process, memories flooded back into my being like puzzle pieces falling from the sky. It explained my anomalous behavior as a child when I would sometimes walk home alone from grammar school talking to beings I knew were extraterrestrials and informing them in great detail of the culture that surrounded me and the beings I mingled with. I explained their mannerisms, their beliefs and their actions like I was some kind of pint-sized spy reporting back to ET Central as I had agreed to do. I was very serious about this. After all, it was my first job.

Another memory broke through my protective armor where I recalled coming back to my apartment after a long and grueling day on my college campus. I don’t remember exactly what happened there, but I shut the door to my apartment behind me and leaned against it trying to make sure that whatever was out there could not leak in. I sighed and said aloud, “What made me think I could handle this.” In that brief moment I was remembering my agreement to incarnate here. That was one of the few times I dropped cover and admitted for even a millisecond who I was and what I knew.

And so it came together, one puzzle piece at time….

Did this understanding of your origins create any problems for you with the people in your life?

Most the people in my life handled my disclosure well. In fact, they seemed relieved, like that somehow explained something. I haven’t got a clue what it was that it explained or I would surely tell you. Perhaps I was not keeping quite the cover I thought I was.

However, my family was a different matter. This book, ET 101, was a great embarrassment to them. Not only did it prove what they always suspected – that I was a complete nut case, but, on top of that, I was now denying that I was Italian. Heretical and insane – a winning combination.

I protested, telling them that I never claimed I was Italian. They were the ones who did. All I ever said was that I demanded good hair before I came in and this family is where I landed. (I did in fact say this as a kid. It was another slip in my otherwise perfect cover.)

Somehow my argument escaped them. According to their rules, borrowing DNA is not allowed, and you’re inescapably stuck with it for life. I have to say that this is a perfect example of the deranged belief systems I used to report back to ET Central as a 7 year old spy.

Where in our universe are you from?  And why are you here?

Asking me where I am from in our universe is like slapping down a map of New Jersey on the kitchen table and demanding to know where on it am I located. It’s akin to asking God where he’s from and then saying his answer is unacceptable as he points to the city of Trenton. But Heaven was not on that map, was it? Next question?

As for why am I here, I have so far ruled out masochism, a very strong contender for a long time, finally rejected for lack of any evidence of pleasure. I have also ruled out learning as a potential motive because If anyone learned anything on this planet, why would they be doing the same thing repeatedly and ad nauseam? Obviously learning is not a contender, once again rejected for lack of evidence. I am also not here on vacation.

I am here representing forces that know you will never have any political liberators to release you from your prison cells because they helped create them and your bondage is their goal. Your only way out of this high-security facility is consciousness, and love is the only exit door. I am here to assist in a global prison break, as are many, many more.

How was the book accepted in the world? And why is that?

ET 101 was surprisingly very well accepted by this world. It was an instant underground hit in the United States, meaning that only alternative outlets were distributing it. Major distributors would not touch it because it was self-published. That soon changed when HarperCollins, aware of ET 101’s success, offered to buy it. I never sought their assistance, but for the sake of the book, its timing and the fact that their distribution was global, I felt compelled to sell it to get it out to a larger audience.

That is how ET 101 ended up in Israel and in Hebrew. Without Harper Collins, it would not have happened. However, without them, many very damaging events would also not have happened. Due to their breach of contract, the rights to ET 101 returned to me.

The book is being republished in several countries. Why now?

Although I have read ET 101 many times not only in writing it, but also in preparation for print, in search of errors, in translation to different languages, revising it for audio production, etc., none of these acts is the same as just plain reading it without an ulterior motive. I have done this act only once before in March of 1990. It was a breath-taking event because I was allowed to see all the code that was embedded in it. I felt humbled, privileged and honored to have been entrusted with such a multi-dimensional task, and very glad I was not completely aware of it during the process of writing it or else I would have clutched, big time.

Recently, In preparation for a radio interview in February, 2017, I readied myself for that interview by re-reading ET 101. It would seem that I wouldn’t have to do such a thing, but again, writing a book and reading a book are two different matters.

In that reading, which I thought would only be a review, the book unpacked itself for the second time and a new level of code was revealed. Oh my God. This would have to have been embedded at the first writing, and at a level I could not then see.

At that moment I realized this book was intended to circulate twice by the architects behind its creation, and at a precise timing for whatever follows next. So, here we go again, 25 years later and as a bridge to the next generation of Star Seeds, ET 101 mysteriously reappears.

ET 101 is experiencing a global comeback basically because it’s Show Time, Folks, and this book is pure code. It always was and it still is.

What are the main issues that, from your perspective, stops us from evolving? How can we help ourselves?

The main thing that I have seen as the major obstacle to our evolution is our sense of identity. The identity the inhabitants of this planet have assumed was formed by a matrix of control that purposely subverted these very same inhabitants in order to enslave them.

We have collectively been looking outside ourselves and into a distorted reality to define us; and that false reality, with its parasitic paradigm, has been more than willing to control our perceptions and to tell us who we are.

Humanity is at a spiritual crossroad now. Will we allow ourselves to be herded like chattel property into a high-security, digitally monitored prison; or will we drop our cover, claim our birthright, and embrace the truth of who we actually are?

The truth is we are the truth. We are not striving to evolve. We are evolved. We are just caught in a spider web in which we were paralyzed and made to forget our true identity that never, ever left its source. How this all all ends is up to us.

As the Hopi Indians have so very astutely pointed out, “We are the ones we are waiting for.”

Read the interview in Hebrew at Shahar’s website