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Due to a recent website update, our shopping cart vanished. Until it is restored, we are keeping our announcements very simple.

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A permanent end to all this global insanity.

Other Voices of the Mission

Years ago…an ET said the following to me: “Our alliance… only approaches civilizations that are on the verge of birthing into consciousness, as this planet is doing now.” He went on to state that although their resources in technological skills…are vast, they always make first contact with their artists; not their physicists, engineers, scientists or technicians.  – Zoev  

More from Geoff Byrd

Shortly after highlighting Geoff Byrd’s work last month, he reissued a previous video and new videos that we considered noteworthy, so we are taking another look now. These are informational videos versus music videos. “An Authentic Person” is a very beautiful piece of art as well as a significant statement.

View Geoff’s video – AN AUTHENTIC PERSON 



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Because our Shopping Cart has temporarily evaporated, we are staging a Flash Sale on selected items which can be ordered directly from us via an email request. Simply send an email asking for whatever you wish to purchase to and a PayPal invoice will be sent to you. (Please do not try to send money to our email address directly. Just send a written request.)

This sale lasts only for the time that our shopping cart is disabled, so don’t waste any time.The sale could evaporate just like the Shopping Cart did.

Collector’s Editions – Out of Print, Brand New Condition

Both the original Spiral Bound Edition and the HarperCollins Hardcover edition of ET 101, normally priced at $30 each plus shipping, are available during this sale for $20 each, plus shipping. All purchases will be sent via US Priority Mail to US Addresses for $7. However, 3 Collector’s Edition Books, in whatever combination, can fit in a single Priority Flat Rate Envelope for the same shipping price of $7. It’s a good way to stock up on gift books at a rock-bottom rate.

Divine Destiny Alignment

Single SCIO Biofeedback Session

This remote quantum adjustment, a 2 hour process, is aimed at aligning your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies for maximal  clearing of blockages that hamper spiritual growth. Normally, a single adjustment starts at $120 for the initial visit, and for $100 per additional visit.  During this Flash Sale, all visits will be for only $75 per visit.  For those of you who use these adjustments regularly, this is an opportunity to stock up on visits at a very low rate, which are usable whenever you wish.  For those of you who would like to experience this adjustment, this is the ideal time to jump in.

Limited Edition Berets

Mission Control Wool BeretThese Berets are just pure fun. Made of 100% wool and embroidered with the Mission Control Logo in silver thread on most berets, and in blue thread on the white beret. Two one-of-a-kind berets were recently found, one in yellow, the other in orange, which are also available but not depicted here. (If you are interested in purchasing either of these, a photo will be sent for your approval.)

The Berets normally sell for $29 plus shipping. For whatever time this Flash Sale lasts, they are $22 each, including the shipping fee. (US only.)



ET 101 Facebook Book Page in English
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Now Available: ET 101 Facebook Page in French – Emmanuel Peltier, moderator.

La page de ET101 est maintenant également disponible en français :
ET 101 Facebook Page en français
animée par Emmanuel Peltier.