The Cosmic

by Diana Luppi AKA Zoev Jho

ET 101 Mission Control

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“We stand at your threshold, calling you to courageously walk away from the lie of human
separation into the arms of your new and ecstatic lives.” – ET 101

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“The old world is dying. It must and will come down.
The best you can do is allow it to die as gracefully as possible.” – ET 101


“It is time to use your powers wisely and create
realities that are worthy of who you are.” – ET 101


“The Second Coming is imminent, and you may as well get ready.
This is a particularly good idea, because you’re it.” – ET 101


“You have done this many times before.” – ET 101


“The truth is you are the truth.” – ET 101


Spirit is on the move with this book, yet again and again. Double Yikes ! 

The resurgence of E.T. 101 continues unabated. The recently re-published English version and its French translation, both in Print-On-Demand format, and the long-standing German translation, are now being joined by a Spanish edition (currently in editing), and an Italian edition (currently in translation). It may not stop there, either.

Please meet the newest people spirit has sent our way.

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Highlights From ET 101

We prefer to think of ourselves as sacred cowpokes on a sacred cowherd, and our manual as a sacred cowpunching device. We believe that would make this publication more “post new age” than anything.
How you end up classifying this manual is less important than how you end up using it. It is our suggestion that you use it as a tool to awaken yourself, not as a new doctrine to continue to snooze by.
This is Mission Control saying yeeeeeeeeehaw!

Diana Luppi ZOEV JHO AuthorDiana Luppi / ZOEV JHO, wrote the underground sensation, ET101 The Cosmic Instruction Manual, over 25 years ago.  It has created an enormous ripple over the years, and is now making a galactic “comeback”.  Translations in many languages are being prepared, as the “new wave” hits the shores.  …Read More About the Author Here

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Dan Millman- The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

“Written in an accessible, easy to-read style with piercing humor that some-how pats you on the head and kicks you in the butt at the same time, E.T. 101 offers. essential reminders about who we are, where we’re going, and what we’re doing on this ball in space.”
—DAN MILLMAN, author of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Village Voice

“Wonderfully weird . . . self-consciously humorous . . . directed at those aliens who incarnated on earth and are just beginning to wake up to their true origins”

—Village Voice

Peter Russell

E.T.101 is one of the wittiest books I have read for a long time.  It is also one of the most profound.”

– PETER RUSSELL, Findhorn Magazine