I Will Blend No More ForeverAfter the bizarre encounter at The Spam Store, I stopped resisting so much and dropped the bucking-bronco response to their transmissions. Admittedly, I was apprehensive about what they might come up with next in their attempt to provide me an explanation. Although I deeply appreciated their creativity and unmitigated nerve, I was a little concerned about their tactics.

This last “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” maneuver was a bit unnerving. Nothing appeared to be too outrageous to do or outside the scope of their abilities. And even though I knew their actions were benign in intent, exquisite in their execution, and perfect in their choices to ultimately elicit my unrestrained laughter, I still thought it prudent to contain these guys before the wheels fell off one of their experiments resulting in a mishap that gained us suspicious attention.

I settled in, shut up, and went along for the ride which was, aside from the time I spent writing, a non-stop data stream that went on day and night. I became completely engrossed in this process, so much so that I ran out of food. I couldn’t understand how this could have happened. I bought lots of food the last time I was in town which, when I looked at the calendar, turned out to be more than two weeks ago. I hadn’t even noticed it had been that long and I possibly could have lasted a few more days except for the fact that I also ran out of dog food, which fact the dog was less inclined to ignore.

It was time to take a break, but before I did I decided it might be a perfect moment to ask a simple question. With the two weeks of missing time that I had just gone through, I now wondered how long was this process intended to go and exactly how much food should I buy on this trip to town?

So I asked, “Do you mind telling me what we are doing here exactly? Is this Gone With The Wind or Le Petit Prince?” (For the reader’s information, Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell, is 960 pages long; Le Petit Prince, by Antoine de Saint Exupéry, is 96 pages long).

I didn’t immediately get an answer, but I left for town anyway because my dog was getting antsy. When I entered the grocery store I wasn’t sure exactly what to do so I decided to relax and see what happened. As the trips up and down the aisles started to become tedious and I lost my interest in buying enough food for a possible imminent famine, I simply bought what I wanted and let it go at that, although I did buy extra dog food in case my instincts were misguided.

By the time I got home with not all that much food to show for the trip, I realized that fact was my answer.

I am relieved to announce that The Little Prince won.

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