I Will Blend No More ForeverNot all things that happened during this transition were amusing. Some were sobering, others overwhelming, and many beyond comprehension, eliciting jaw-dropping awe. Most of these incidents of high strangeness happened on Dragon’s Ridge which I visited many times. Something there called me back repeatedly and I could not figure out why. What was my connection to this place and why was I on this ride?

One afternoon I decided to explore the ridge further than I had ever done before. I wandered down its north face, peripherally watching the endless petroglyphs as I passed them by. Unexpectedly, I came over a rise onto a plateau that jutted out from the rib cage of the Dragon’s body. I abruptly stopped and stared at it in breathtaking silence. Then I spoke aloud to the rocks and the scrubby plants and the snakes and all the other crawling things, saying, “I’m back, just like I promised.” Although nothing and nobody were currently present, I could see through the veil into another time and another situation. I saw many beings silently sitting there – watching me approach, awaiting me, and welcoming me home.

I felt like General Douglas MacArthur, stating to the Philippine Islands, “I shall return”, or like Don Diego De Vargas, a Spanish conquistador who allegedly said the same to a two-time attempted revolt against his yoke and his chain. He, like MacArthur, also returned – MacArthur, to deliver the Phillipines from Japanese control; De Vargas, to punish a people who had the audacity to defend the lands on which they were born. For their arrogance and their refusal to kneel to a strange religion and bow to a foreign king, the men were slaughtered and, as the locals still say, the river ran red as the streets of Santa Fe were bathed in their blood, their women and children consequently made into slaves, and their food supply plundered by De Vargas’s men.

I too apparently said, “I shall return”, but not as a war hero or a conqueror of some other peoples’ lands. Either title was only a political subterfuge, housing a murderer by any other name. My presence would never be noted in the annals of war because I returned to keep an ancient promise made at the bequest of an earthly scion ages ago, and however many centuries later it took, it was a promise I came back to honor and fulfill. I returned out of an act of love, as have many of you.

I stayed at that place in a long silent communion that was more like a download than a conversation. When I emerged from that awesome encounter, I walked very slowly back to my car, pondering what had just gone down. Who was I? Why was I here? What did I know, and how did I know it? What did it mean that I returned? And what did any of this have to do with extraterrestrials, who I absolutely knew were deeply entwined in this confounding combination of events?

As I equally slowly drove home, I began to realize why the “Star Wars” negotiations went down so easily and well, and why my terms were completely accepted and never disputed at all. They were just waiting for me to say, “Yes.” Any condition I made was completely acceptable to them.

Although my right brain was very comfortable with all of this, my left brain had an ever-expanding laundry list full of unanswered questions to which I now added the additional query, “Who exactly is ‘them’?”

As they would say in New York City, this was one of those “Oy Vey* kind of days, the kind that would require inner silence for many more days to come.

* “Oy Vey” is Yiddish for “Yikes”.


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