Meeting The Dragon


I Will Blend No More ForeverIt wasn’t long before Queen Dee yelled, “Pull Over”, waving her royal scepter (aka nail file) towards the right.  After a successful landing, I stared at this rather plain and gray looking mound, turned to her and asked incredulously, “So what’s this all about?”  She nonchalantly answered, “How should I know? This is for you.”

Great. I’ve just been abducted and dragged from my hiding place in the wilderness, forced under royal mandate to drive into a heavily unpopulated area, and her royal pain in the ass doesn’t even know why.  That makes two of us, or so I thought.

Baffled, and now a little worn out by this entire adventure, I asked, “Where am I supposed to go exactly?”  She motioned off-handedly with her nail file and said, “I don’t know. Try there,” while pointing to a destination located in some arbitrary and unclear spot off to the right and up in the air.

Suddenly, entirely fed up and apparently now willing to drop cover, I said, “What?!?  That’s not right. I’m supposed to go there”, pointing to an exact location diametrically opposed to her capricious suggestion and off to the left.  After all, I was not about to be delayed. I had an appointment, and somehow I knew it.

Unwilling and, due to her New York City fashionable footwear, ill-equipped to get out of the car and hike more than 10 feet, the Queen stayed where she was and continued filing her nails. I conversely set out for a very specific spot and marched towards it as if I knew exactly what I sought and where I would find it.

Despite its drab exterior, this strange ridge turned out to be hiding a magnificent treasure.  As I approached the top of this undulating, serpentine formation I saw large rock outcroppings jutting out of its spine, just like the scaly protrusions depicted on the spinal column of many mythical dragons. And, on every one of them as far as I could see, there were petroglyphs carved on their faces by an indigenous population that preceded my visit by at least a thousand years.

Unerringly, I walked right up to a specific stone that depicted an extraterrestrial, as I knew it would. (When I say “I knew”, it is because knowledge comes from the heart and can not be disputed, whereas the brain that just “thinks it knows” is usually a notorious liar.) Aside from the knowledge my heart contained, the being depicted had two antennas coming off his head with a lightening bolt traveling between them. Now this is me thinking, but I find it unlikely that this was a portrait of a Native American with a strange birth defect.

Thus began a long-enduring encounter with the Dragon who ruled the ridge, and a series of interdimensional encounters, activations, initiations, and downloads that would soon fill the pages of a book yet unwritten. After this day, the pencil sharpening was brought to a very abrupt end.

I also learned something very valuable.  I learned to thank and welcome the messengers sent by Spirit, despite their objectionable packaging. I now humbly thank Queen Dee for abducting me from my home and dragging me to this experience. Long live the Elizabeth Arden Salons!


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