Divine Destiny Adjustments DDA- SCIO One More Session


SCIO Session Quantum Bio Feedback Alignment


Divine Destiny Adjustments (DDA)
Add a SCIO Session with Diana ~ZOEV JHO

One More SCIO Session
**This discount is offered to those who have experienced the DDA, have seen the benefits, and wish to continue the work further.

This adjustment is executed with Quantum biofeedback equipment, commonly know as the SCIO. An alignment protocol has been designed to facilitate your body and mind to more easily assimilate and integrate the vast energetic changes that are now impacting the earth matrix. 

In the Quantum, beyond the illusion of space and time, we are not even a quark away from one another. In that reality, adjustments can effectively be done remotely because there is no such thing as “remote”.

The alignment protocol will be administered by Diana Luppi, the author of E.T. 101, with off-world assistance (also less than a quark away). Diana was trained as a Biofeedback Practitioner by the Quantum Alliance.

This adjustment requires conscious participation and permission. A session lasts a minimum of one hour (usually more) and will be done by appointment.


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