I Will Blend No More ForeverDuring the preparation for press, I would get up early every day and head out to get some coffee. This specific morning, as I was driving, I was also thinking about a list of errands I needed to do. For some reason I became very conscious of the fact that my mind was filled with mundane thoughts –and that was the very last thought I had.

The next thing I knew I was re-entering my car coming back from some place very distant and extremely unlike anywhere else. My body was still driving, but I had no idea where I was. The streets looked familiar, in a misty kind of way, like they lived in some distant, dusty old memory that I couldn’t quite retrieve because it took place so long ago. I started looking for street signs thinking there might be some clue that could answer my panicked thought, Where the hell am I? I came to a busy intersection with a red traffic light facing me. I stopped and searched for that street’s sign. It said,” Old Santa Fe Trail.” Of course, that’s it. Santa Fe, New Mexico. That must be where I am.

Bewildered, I asked, “What was that all about?” as I continued to drive my car to my now remembered destination. An answer immediately came saying, “You were away for a very long time and on another world. You were made aware of your last thought as a marker so we could demonstrate to you what took place. Although you could have re-entered seamlessly, with only a split second difference in time, you were purposely re-inserted several blocks away from your last conscious thought.

“We wanted you to know that you are an interdimensional traveler, that you walk the worlds, and have been doing so all of your life. On most occasions you only experience minor disorientation on re-entry, but we made sure it was major this time. We are waking you up to who you are.”

Well, that all sounds pretty good, doesn’t it. However, my reaction at that time went more like this:

“What? That was one helluva way to start the day. I set out for coffee, am abducted en route where I spend a couple of years or so on some other now forgotten world just to be re-inserted back into my body (which is somehow miraculously still driving a car) approximately 3 minutes after my last cogent thought into a world I now only vaguely remember. Serendipitously, I stumble across a street sign that casually mentions where I am, and then I attend a lecture on the physics of hyperspace, my travel itinerary, and an identity issue. For all of that, my only consolation is the fact that I now know I could probably safely drive to Dunkin Donuts even in a coma.

“For all that just happened that’s hardly worth it, and it’s not even 7 o’clock the morning yet. Do you have any further plans for me today? Just tell me, precisely what are you doing, and can I drop out? Is normalcy still an option?”

By the hearty laughter I heard, I deduced that the amused but emphatic answer was, “No.”

A little fed up with this steady diet of strangeness, I decided to take a break. Maybe if I go to some other State in the Union this stuff will stop. I packed immediately and headed out for Arizona.

I did enjoy about two weeks without anything mind-boggling happening, but had to return home because the book was not completely done, especially the part where I had the money to publish it. I later realized even this interlude was preparation for what happened next.

When I got back I was very relaxed. The first thing I did was sit down and read ET 101 for the first time. By that, I mean I was not writing it, editing it, or checking for anything at all connected with production. I just read it.

As I began, I remembered an instruction I was given at the very beginning that slipped my conscious mind until this moment. I was asked to create a chalice capable of holding a greater energy. Although the instruction was a bit enigmatic, I somehow understood what was being asked. The only way I could think to do this was to write the book like it was music, with keen attention to rhythm, cadence and notes. I did so, knowing these qualities would be unexpected and most likely missed due to the book’s humor – a perfect disguise for a grander impact.

That day when I finally read the book that I wrote, I was allowed to hear a tonal harmony that was beyond the normal hearing range. This was the “greater energy” this book was meant to hold, placed there by the beings I worked with and beautifully woven throughout its pages. This manual was pure code, intended to awaken those that it could. In some amazing way, it really didn’t even matter what it said.

I was in awe as I heard these tones for the first time, and I felt very privileged for having been chosen to work on it at all. I was also profoundly grateful that I wasn’t let in on this aspect of it until the end. I would have clutched and faltered if I had known any sooner.

With that said, ET 101 went to press a number of miracles later, including the money to pay for it all.


Thus Ends Book 1 of 3
I Will Blend No More Forever