Re-Shuffling the Deck


I Will Blend No More ForeverAlthough I actually spent very little time at Dragon’s Ridge on that first of many visits to come, the impact had been inexplicably enormous and I spent about three days both integrating and then emerging from what happened there. Something had fundamentally changed.

A turning point had been reached and something within me was being both recalibrated and redefined. I began to realize that my life was not as haphazard as it once appeared to be. In fact, it was starting to look more like a chessboard, methodically set up to play a well-considered strategic game.

I also realized that all the choices made were very specific. It’s not like some cosmic force picked up the Tokyo phone book, shut its eyes, and then randomly picked out some unsuspecting Earthling to begin a conversation with. No, this was not based on the spin of a roulette wheel. It was instead a precise and premeditated maneuver, designed well before this life ever began and was, against all odds, unfolding exactly as planned.

That strange petroglyph on Dragon’s Ridge that I now had visited at the very least for the second time, (a scenario which had to be so or else how could I have known exactly what was carved on it and exactly where it was?) that weird rock truly called me home. It didn’t exactly look like a telephone booth* but I guess it was. From that moment on, I was in direct communication with an other-worldly crowd.

Faced with the fact that I now had to admit that I was being officially contacted by an off-world race, I also had to admit that this was not even remotely the first time it had occurred. Way too many puzzle pieces – past, present and future – were simultaneously falling out of the sky.

In the space of three days, I did a recap of my entire life. I remembered being a 7-year-old earthly liaison to extraterrestrials who intently listened to my every word. I vividly described humans, their customs and their behavior in great detail to help them understand. (Some of the things I told them were difficult to believe, which is why I think they listened so hard to every word I said.) I also complained about the lack of mathematical comprehension going on down here. I noted with horror that they were still stuck on base 10.

After that thought, another descending puzzle piece smacked me in the head and I began to reconsider a car accident I had a year ago. I dreamed about it the night before it happened. Although I couldn’t remember the details, I went through an elaborate effort to see if I could get a seat belt around St. James. That failed. Apparently they are not designed for dogs, so I went on anyway to a meeting with some friends.

At a certain moment at this gathering, I broke up the conversation and adamantly declared that I had to leave immediately because it was a holiday weekend and I didn’t want to fight any dangerous traffic on my way back home. I went straight from there directly into a rear end accident on an Interstate Highway where I was torpedoed by a car barreling down behind me at about twenty miles per hour faster than I was going, or even could.

I saw him approaching in the rear view mirror and knew there was no way to explain this, except that I was invisible to him. My car was old. It had no pick up. Nevertheless, I stepped on the gas pedal as hard as I could to lessen the blow, grabbed the steering wheel with both hands to make sure I was not thrown across the highway due to the inevitable impending impact, and instantly left my body to view the entire incident from the roof of my car. Had I left the meeting at any other point, this impossible accident would never have happened at all.

After severely whip-lashing my back, traumatizing my dog, and totaling my car, the driver emerged from his brand new Toyota to say in shock, “You were invisible.” No kidding, Dude.

In this fashion, another chess piece was moved on the board and another puzzle piece fell into place. One year later the resulting insurance settlement paid for the writing and production of ET 101. Even the accident wasn’t an accident – the guy who hit me was an upper-level scientist, an aerospace engineer, and obviously a very good friend. I saw him again at a National Monument about 8 months after impact. He recognized me and shyly smiled as he passed by in the crowd. It seemed like in some grander sense, he knew exactly what he had done.

After that reconstructing of the car event, another non-sequential thought wandered in. I began to recall another dimension that I somehow intimately knew. Ancient in the historic recounting of its presence on this Earth, and also my suspected entry point into a much earlier life, it was likewise the possible doorway through which I entered the space I was now in. This dimension was nested, whole, magnificent in its presence, and holy in its light. And that is all I will say about it at this point in time.

Although nothing that I was remembering was in any recognizable order, everything magically fit in. This is the point at which quantum physics gets completely in the way, like a stumbling block to our normal linear-thinking mind – the place where past, present and future collapse in upon themselves. However and whatever was going on, I was surprised it only took me three days to get through all of this – and thank God, the phone rang….

*Telephone booth – An ancient version of an iPhone or Android by another name, but more sophisticated than a tin can and a string.

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